How to Earn from VMobile Business

There are five ways to earn from VMobile business
  1. Load Discount
    Avail 10 to 15% discount in all your loads (personal or sold to others).
  2. Access Cards
    20 pcs Technouser cards at P250 each. P250 x 20 = P5000. Your technousers can also enjoy lifetime discount of 10 to 15%.
  3. GRO (Group Retail Override)
    You get 1% to 2% from all load consumed by your TechnoUsers.
  4. Direct Sales Incentive (DSI)
    You will earn P500 pesos per person if you ENDORSE this business to him/her. You may endorse this to as many people as you want.
  5. Team Sales Bonus (TSB) or Pairing Bonus
    Your team is divided into two groups (Teams A and B). The person whom you have invited to join VMobile will also invite others. You earn P500 per pair in you team.
    Example of TSB computation
    Let us say that after 3 months, you have 23 heads in your TEAM A and 34 in your TEAM B, this means that you have 23 pairs, so you have a total of 23 × 500 = P11,500 bonus. The 11 heads (34 – 23 = 11) in your TEAM B will just have to wait to be match by your TEAM A. It will not expire. It will not be flushed out.
Among these ways, no. 5 is the biggest money maker. There you can earn a maximum of P900,000 a month.

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