You may start franchising on the country’s fast growing business for as low as P 3,988.00. You can be a LoadXtreme Dealer with that amount and have your Fast Track Package (Dealer Kit).
What’s inside the package?
(1) bag
(2) Tarpaulins
(3) Product Guides
(3) Smart Buddy Sim packs *You can sell or use it
(20) Price list with Product Codes
(20) Quick Guides * For you to know how to sell load and all other transaction
(20) TECHNOUSER ACTIVATION or ACCESS CARDS * Worth 250/each * No Load Wallet yet.
(20) My TURF Brochures
With FREE LoadXtreme & MyLX Website Account

W a y s   t o   E a r n 

1. Avail of the LIFETIME Discount of all LX Products up to 10% to 14%
You can consume P500 worth of Load per Month
P500 x 12 months = P 6,000 get 10% = P600.00

2. Register Technouser
Technouser Activation Cards – Earn 250.00 per TechnoUser subscription cards sold
Sample Computation = P250 cards x 20 = P5,000.00

3. Product Sales Override
Earn up to 1 – 2% of the total sales of your TechnoUsers
you have 20 Technousers that each of them sells 1,000 per day
20 x 1000 = 20,000 x 30 days = 600,000 x 1% = P6,000.00 / month

4. Franchise Sale Incentive
Endorse the Franchise and earn P500.00 (every Fast Track sold)
Sample Illustration: Divide your sales force into 2 groups

You sold 30 Technopreneur Package…30 x 500 = P 15,000

5. Franchise Royalty Bonus
Train a Technopreneur to and the company will give you an additional P 500 for every Dealership kit sold by your dealers on both teams A and B.

6. Retailer Affiliate Program(RAP)
Your retailers can register other retailers:
Example :
You have Fast Track Package P3,988.00 Technopreneur Account
You managed to have 3 Technouser / Retailers
3 x 250 = P750
Your 3 Retailers have 3 Affiliate Sign Up each:
your 3 retailers x 3 = 9
You can even earn P40 on every retailer affiliate / subretailer of your Technouser / Retailer.
9 x 40 = P360
Example Scenario:
- You Became a FAST TRACK P3,988 Technopreneur Franchiser
- You only get 3 retailers and that’s it, you didn’t get any more retailers
- Your 3 retailers gets 3 sub retailers every month
- What will be your Income in 8 months?

7. Monthly Group Sales Reward
The Franchise Retailer Override still applies here, since you are a franchiser / dealer, you will get 1% of the sales of ALL the retailers under the Retailer Affiliate Program. Earn 8 – 18% of 0.1% of the monthly total sales of your Sales Group.
All of your Retailers are selling P2,000 worth of load per month

Worst Case Scenario
● You just started now!
● Endorse 2 VMobile VALUE PACKS ONLY in 1 Month!
● Pass your misfortune to all of your sales force.
● Save all your income within the 6 months period.

Earn More through Tri-Pack!

3 Fast Track Package worth P11,964.00
What’s inside the package?
(3) Loadxtreme Bag
(3) Products Guides
(6) Load na Dito Tarpaulin
(9) Smart Buddy Sim packs *You can sell or use it
(60) Price list with Product Codes
(60) Quick Guides *Shows sample commands.
(60) RAP Brochures
(80) RETAILER CARDS worth 250 each *No Loadwallet yet
With FREE LoadXtreme & MyLX Website Account
TRIPACK Advantages with same effort you can EARN DOUBLE in MYLX Business
1. Activate (80) Subscription Cards worth P 250 each x 80 = P20,000.00
2. Earn directs sales incentive P500 each and 1 royalty P500 a total of worth P1,500.00
3. You can sell (9) Smart SIM Packs P40 each x 9 = P360.00
*You can buy up to 7 Fast Track Package or Account under your name if you want to have a multiple income with same effort.

All of these for only P3,988.00
Be a TECHNOPRENEUR NOW! Message me on my facebook account so i can assist you!

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