Safety Features of LoadXtreme

LoadXtreme Safety Features

The LoadXtreme system was designed to safeguard your account by creating customized response to various TELCO related problems. These are safety features that aim to provide hassle-free services.
  1. Access Blocking
    To protect your account, LoadXtreme will automatically block access from a specific cell number that sends erroneous commands three (3) times. To lift the blocking, a call to VMobile costumer service hotline is required.
  2. Credit Back
    Processing of load requests may at times encounter delay or failure due to congestion of TELCO services. LoadXtreme will credit back your load wallet on such instances.
  3. Stale SMS
    LoadXtreme system automatically rejects any SMS command it receives beyond thirty (30) minutes from the time the command was sent. This feature protects you from potential losses when the delivery of your SMS command suffers delay due to congestion of TELCO services.
  4. Duplicate SMS
    There are times when TELCO deliver the same SMS to a recipient more than once. To ensure that you are not charged erroneously and repeatedly for transactions requested only once, LoadXtrenme only accepts and processes only one from among the multiple same SMS command. received by the system within five (5) minutes. In cases where you really need to order products multiple times, you may append any alpha-numeric character at the end of your SMS commands to make each request unique. LoadXtreme will process each command separately
Using VMobile LoadXtreme universal prepaid loading system is very easy. For more information on how you can further understand our system, you can log on and click on FAQ's tab. You may also contact our costumer service at (632) 311-3000 or log on to

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