How to Replenish Your VMobile Load Wallet

How to replenish load

One of the most important aspect of your VMobile business is about your use of load wallets. Load wallets are your virtual credits where all prepaid transactions are debited each time you order products. It would be to your advantage if you make sure that you have enough load wallet credits at all times. There are several easy ways to replenish your load wallet.
Reload from a dealer/endorser or at the VMobile office
You can ask any TechnoPreneur or any independent business operator to replenish your account.
Reload through Bills Payment Facility
You can transfer your payment to VMobile via UnionBank Bills Payment Facility. This maybe made over-the-counter or through ATM.
Reload by doing bank deposit
You can send payments to VMobile Technology by depositing desired amount to VMobile's accredited banks. To replenish load wallets through bank deposits, just follow these three easy steps.
  • Step One: Deposit over-the-counter to any of the following and their branches nationwide. Inter-branch deposits fees are waived; Union Bank of the Philippines UBP, Banco de Oro BDO, Bank of the Philippines Islands BPI, and Metro Bank. VMobile's account number for each bank can be found in your "Quick Guide" brochures. For easy reference, it is listed below.
    UnionBank Bills Payment: Fill out Bills Payment Slip (over-the-counter or ATM) at any UnionBank branch nationwide. Crediting to your LX Account is same-day (7 pm). There is no inter-branch deposit charge for this service. You DO NOT need to send LX RELOAD notification to the system to get your LX Account reloaded.
    Company Name: VMobile
    Client Name: <Your Name>
    Acct#/Card#/Ref#: <Your 10-digit LX ID Number>
    Banco de Oro, BDO: Over-the-counter deposit. Nationwide coverage, same day crediting. Waived inter-branch deposit charge. Requires LX RELOAD notification.
    Savings Account Number: 464-006-2675
    Branch: ADB Avenue, Ortigas
    Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI: Over-the-counter deposit. Nationwide coverage, same day crediting. Waived inter-branch deposit charge. Requires LX RELOAD notification.
    Current Account Number: 4021-0110-91
    Branch: Robinsons Tower, Ortigas
    MetroBank: Metro Manila only. Same day crediting. With inter-branch deposit charge for deposits outside Metro Manila. Requires LX RELOAD notification.
    Current Account Number: 007-261-50338-3
    Branch: H.V. Dela Costa
  • Step Two: After making the deposit, a reload notification must be immediately send to the LoadXtreme system. Just type


    Here are few important things you need to remember. Make sure that your ID NUMBER and PIK are correct. Minimum deposit amount should be P500. Use the correct bank and branch combination where you made the deposit. The bank account number should indicate the correct VMobile's bank account number where you made the deposit. The date format shpould be in mm-dd-yyyy. Lastly, TIME should indicate the time you made the deposit. This can be seen from the copy of the bank deposit slip.
  • Step Three: Make sure that all the information you entered are correct. Then send your SMS command to your assigned gateway. You will receive an SMS notification from LoadXtreme system once your account is credited.
Congratulations! Now you can buy or sell prepaid loads and start earning.

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  1. in your list of banks depository i have notice that you didn't mention the security bank. last time i replinish my wallet was just three weeks ago, and i deposited it in security bank tagum branch, but now my deposit for wallet was still accepted by the security bank, but when i send it to my gateway no acknowledgement whatsoever by the load extreme. what Happen? can i have an answer for this in as much that i am running out of wallet? by the way this is my cellphone number 09228354660 / my ID 5333006322