What is VMobile Business?

VMobile is a universal prepaid loading system provider that empowers enterprising individuals like you with technology-based business tools. These tools were designed to help you succeed in mobile commerce like prepaid loading.
LoadXtreme is VMobile's flagship program for this universal prepaid loading platform. Under this program, you can be a TechnoUser who can buy or sell prepaid loads, or a TechnoPreneur who can buy or sell prepaid loads, register TechnoUsers, and earn commissions from their load sales.
VMobile also offer various options of business opportunities with its myEnterprise family of business programs. Under myEnterprise, a TechnoUser can earn from personal prepaid load consumptions of their sale augmentation through myTurf program. While a TechnoPrenuer can sell LoadXtreme business franchise through the myLX program, sell and beauty products through the myWellness program and earn from personal prepaid load consumptions of their sales organization through the myTURF program. With VMobile's wide array of business programs, there is one there that will surely fits you.
But before you start your VMobile business, you must first learn how to register your TechnoUser or TechnoPreneur access card, how to replenish your LoadXtreme load wallet, how to buy or sell load, and understand the system safety features.

What TechnoUser can do 

  • Buy or sell prepaid loads.What TechnoPreneur can do
  • Buy or sell prepaid loads.
  • Register TechnoUser.
  • Earn commissions from load sales.  
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