Say Goodbye to the Traditional Reloading!


  • Have your Reloading Business without changing your current Network/SIM and do it in only        ONE Cellphone.
  • Sell variant of LOADs from Prepaid PIN Based Cards, Electronic Load, Game Cards, Cable        Cards & even MRT Access Card!
  • You can Load to yourself or anyone else anytime and anywhere, without going to the Store to     buy a load. 
  • You can save up to 14% of cellphone load consumption and various products.
  • In case of loss of phone or SIM, your money in the load wallet is still safe in our system.

    TechnoUser Package
    What’s inside the package?

    • Price list with Product Codes
    • Quick Guides * For you to know how to sell load and all other transaction
    • TechnoUser Account (No Load Wallet yet)
    • My TURF Brochures
    • FREE LoadXtreme Website Account

    All of these for only P300.00
    Start your Reloading Business now and do it the easier way! Message me on my facebook account now!
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