How to Load using LoadXtreme

Buying or selling prepaid loads is very easy. If you have enough load wallet credits, hundreds of prepaid load varieties are available for you such us,
  1. Over-the-air loads (OTA loads) like Smart load, Globe Autoload Max, and Sun Express Load.
  2. Electronic pins of ePins which are pin based products similar to scratch book prepaid cards.
  3. MyTURF loads which are over-the-air load that provide rewards under the myTURF program.
To buy or sell loads just type,
LX LOAD <ID NUMBER> <PIK> <PRODUCT CODE> <Customer Cell Phone #>
Product codes can be found on your "Product Guide" and "Price List" brochures. Make sure that all information you entered are correct, particularly, the product code and the costumer cell phone number. Then send the SMS command to your assigned gateway.
If the command is successful, your costumer will receive a notification from the TELCO and you will receive an SMS confirmation from LoadXtreme.

Important Loading Tips

  1. Save your SMS command as a message template so retyping would be much easier.
  2. Product codes are character sensitive. Letters and numbers must not be interchanged while typing in these codes. For example, the letter O must not be replaced with the number 0 and vice-versa.
  3. Costumers who buy ePins must register the pin they received using procedures required by their TELCO operator.
  4. You can help a costumer who accidentally delete their ePin by resending the pin to their cell phone. Just send the following command to your assigned gateway.

How to Load Peso Incremental OTA Load

To load peso incremental or papeso-peso, just type
TELCO codes aloud for this command are GLOBE, TM, or SUN only. Make sure that all the information you entered are correct, particularly the PIK, TELCO CODE and the costumer cell phone number. Then send the SMS command to your assigned gateway.

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